Icare Engineering brings professional support in Information System Management of any organization through strategic & operational data-oriented services.


Data Governance


Planning, oversight, and control over management of data and the use of data and data-related resources

Data Architecture


Building the overall structure of data and data-related resources as an integral part of the enterprise architecture

Data Modelling & Design


Analysis, design, building, testing, and maintenance

Data Security


Ensuring privacy, confidentiality and appropriate access

Data Integration & Interoperability

Acquisition, extraction, transformation, movement, delivery, replication, federation, virtualization and operational support

Reference & Master Data


Managing shared data to reduce redundancy and ensure better data quality through standardized definition and use of data values



Collecting, categorizing, maintaining, integrating, controlling, managing, and delivering metadata

Data Quality


Defining, monitoring, maintaining data integrity, and improving data quality


Data Infrastructure

It all starts with implementing a (geographical) data platform to leverage your Information System.

Data Treatment

We make sure to keep your data flows up and running and keep thinking about optimized business process.

Geographical Information System

We design Enterprise Data Hub which benefits from spatial and location based services.

Infrastructure Information System

Integrate state of the art information technology about building, transportation, and energy network.

Aeronautical Information System

Drive your Data Platform to be compliant with the future of Digital Aeronautical Information.


We're helping organisations to manage simply Data as Asset

As majority of decision are taken based on geographical information, we proposed our global chain services around setting up Spatialized Data Infrastructure for every business domain.

Based in Switzerland, our expertise in international standards and european legislation on data infrastructure allows us to work worldwide.

All business domains can be achieved through managing Data as Asset, adding value to industrial assets covering infrastructure such like building, transportation, energy network, ...

By passion, we help aligning business needs in a non-invasive way through a dedicated collaborative approach between all stakeholders while minimizing technical involvement of IT collaborators.

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